Alibaba PPC Management service

Alibaba pay per click advertising  service is newly released by Alibaba Inc in March 2009. All the paid members of are eligible to bid for the top 5, last 2 and bottom 3 spots of Alibaba internal search results.

As the top trade platform, alibaba attracts more than 10 million corporate buyers to their website. Unlike search engine, the visitor quality, click quality and conversion rate of Alibaba PPC program is very high. People don’t search on alibaba for information or buy small amount of products, it is companies searching there to buy on container base. However, the bidding price on alibaba is much less than the prices of Baidu ppc and Google adwords.

The features of alibaba per per click advertising program:

Extremely high quality traffic
Low bidding price
High conversion rate
Corporate clients

Alibaba is ideal PPC advertising platform for wholesaling business and B2B marketing.

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