China PPC management service

Per per click(PPC) is one of the most efficient advertising methods to reach your potential customers in a matter of minutes. While search engine optimization takes time and efforts and social media marketing focus more on branding, PPC campaign is result-oriented, it focus on CONVERSION.

The main PPC advertising platforms in China:
Baidu PPC
Alibaba PPC
Google adwords China

Baidu is the major search engine in China with 63.5% search market share. Google adwords China has a decent conversion rate. Alibaba is the biggest trade platform on the world with more than 10 million registered merchants, it is ideal PPC platform for wholesale business. Alimama is content-based ad platform, due to the click fraud issue, we don’t recommend them.

We will help to develop, execute and manage a comprehensive PPC campaign strategy based on the business nature and goals.

Our PPC management service include:
Keyword researching
Copy writing
PPC account setting up
PPC account managing
Analytics & Reporting

Knowledge Center:
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