Chinese Editing Service

Copy writing is extremely important in online marketing. Professional copy present a professional image of your business before your potential customers, bad copy will make people hard to understand your business value and business ideas. That is why they say “Content is king”.

For online marketing, a good copy should meet the following standards:
1) Simple, accurate and easy to understand – Linguistic standard
2) Professional – legal documents should be written in legal language, business document should be written in business manner.
3) Search engine friendly

So we use three-thresholds standards to edit Chinese copy. First the language experts will check documents from linguistic standard, then the professionals will check the document using the expertise of specific industry, at last, our online marketing expert will edit the copy from marketing point of view(such as SEO, readability)

How to contact us
-Call 0086 136 4457 9179 to talk to us now
-Email your inquiry to
-Instant Messenger:, Skype:stevenassitance

Our clients include:

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