China Online Advertising Service has been developing and implementing online advertising strategy for foreign companies, of different size and business type, to market products/service to China market.

We provide the following services:
B2B marketing
Pay per click marketing
Search engine marketing
Social media advertising

Reasons why you should start to advertise to China online now?
– China is becoming the world’s largest economy, it is No.2 economy now
– China has 485 million internet users, larger population than any other country in the world
– China has more than 27 million companies (for B2B marketing)
– China is the world’s largest luxury market, car market, and gradually the largest market for most consumer products

How to contact us
-Call 0086 136 4457 9179 to talk to us now
-Email your inquiry to
-Instant Messenger:, Skype:stevenassitance

Our clients include:


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