Payment Solution

Making payment internationally to China is very trouble in many cases:
– Chinese normally don’t accept Paypal;
– Some have Paypal account, but it is very costly to withdraw small amount of money from paypal
– Send small amount of payment like 20USD by bank transfer, bank charge more than 20USD bank fee
– Bank transfer is slow and expensive;
– Most Chinese companies don’t have foreign currency account(business account) to receive foreign currency, at the same time, according to the currency policy in China, RMB is not allowed to wire internationally, so it will be a headache if you need to pay a company that without foreign currency business account.
– Buying products from China but the vendors accept RMB only.

We provide a convenient, cheap and safe payment solution to solve abovementioned money transfer problem.

The payment methods we accept:
– Paypal
– Moneybook
– Western Union
– Bank transfer

We will pay RMB or USD to your business partner’s account as per your instruction. The currency exchange rate is based on the foreign currency exchange rate released by Bank of China.

How to contact us
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-Call 0086 136 4457 9179 to talk to us now
-Email your inquiry to
-Instant Messenger:, Skype:stevenassitance

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