Social Media Marketing

China-online-marketing has been involved actively in China social media marketing for a long time. We have been providing social media research and marketing service for overseas online marketing companies that look to expand to China, and through these companies, we have contribute to the SMM campaign of Coke Cola, Nokia, Sony, HP, Singapore Tourist Board, Accor Hotel.

The SMM companies we have served and partnered with:
Entertainment Intelligence (U.K)
Media Insightful(U.S)
ADMAX (Thail)

SMM campaign we have been involved:
Coke Cola(SMM strategy development)
Nokia (brand sponsorship research)
HP(major social media research based 3-mention threshold)
Singapore Tourist Board(Great Singapore Sale marketing)
Accor Hotel(SMM and SEM)

Social media marketing approaches we will use:
Forum and blog marketing
Social networking site marketing
Instant messenger marketing
Social bookmarking site marketing
Video sharing site marketing
Customer review site marketing
Micro-blog website marketing

Our Clients Include:

ACCOR_Hospitality_small_log—  —-   Grand_mercure_small_logo—        —- ibis_small_logo

Sofitel_small_logo —— –Singapore tourism board -_—– Pullman_small_logo

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