Yahoo share price plummet as Alibaba Spin off Alipay

The giant internet company, Yahoo noted late this Thursday that Alibaba Group China base has transferred the ownership of its online payments unit Alipay without any notification. Yahoo shares have fallen more than 6% in the premarket trading on Friday. Yahoo said in the Claim on Thursday that it will continue to work closely with […]

Alibaba ranking algorithm: How to rank better on alibaba English website

We have written an article on how to achieve better ranking result on alibaba China(now called for trustpass members, and how to manage your alibaba PPC account( or Wangxiaobao 网销宝account). Readers are very interested in those topics, oftentimes, we received email from readers of, asking whether we could introduce our experience on the […] aiming at Japanese e-commerce market

In May, and Yahoo Japan announced that both companies will merge the data of their Chinese and Chinese online shopping platforms. According to the plan, and Yahoo Japan will respectively set up 2 platforms in late June, 2010.(Chinese and Japanese version). Noticeably, Softbank Corporation holds large amount of shares in Alibaba Inc and […]

How to set up Alibaba trustpass(Chengxintong) account

Alibaba is arguably the best Chinese online B2B trade portal, I would say that it is the only Chinese trade platform that worth your investment of a few thousand membership fee. I have predicted that the pay per click bidding price will soon exceed 10RMB/click, which has come true. I have basically explained the algorithm […]

9 FAQ to learn how to use Alipay

Alipay is the leading online payment company in China with over 300 million registered users. To do business in China(especially for online business), Alipay is one of the most popular payment options among buyers. So as a foreign company or individual, you need to learn how to use Alipay before you enter the market. Q: […]

China third party payment market report Part 1 – Alipay

No. 1 Alipay Url: 1. Brief introduction: Co.,Ltd (AliPay) is China’s leading online payment service by both number of users and total transaction volume. A member of the Alibaba Group, it enables individuals and businesses to securely, easily and quickly send and receive payments online. AliPay works like an escrow service, solving the […]

How to rank better on Alibaba site search(Alibaba Chinese Version)

You plan to sell your products to China(with more than 1.3 billion population), you realize that version) is one of the best places to reach Chinese buyers. You pay 2800RMB to become the trustpass member on Alibaba. You post your sell lead and set up your homepage on alibaba and then waiting. What you […]

Alibaba PPC campaign guide: How to win the bidding war

As the first few advertisers that have been playing with Alibaba PPC(It is named Alibaba Wangxiaobao or 网销宝 in Chinese) since Alibaba PPC is introduced in March 2009, I have predicted that with companies getting familiar with the bidding system, the bid price will rapidly reach 10RMB/click. However, things are developing much faster than what […]

Alimama PPC advertising, 67964 cliks, no conversion!

The effect of PPC campaign on Alimama We recently launched an online marketing campaign for a big hotel brand in France. The marketing campaign including social media marketing and search engine marketing(including PPC). We have been using Google, and Alibaba platform to launch PPC campaign. But this time, we decide to spend 1000USD on […]

Alibaba PPC campaign evaluation

Alibaba launched their bidding service on March 1st, 2009. Paid members on Alibaba China can bid for top 5 and last 2 spots of each search page. Must give Alibaba high credit for introduction this program, which is very pioneering, I guess many other B2B sites will follow this move. As a paid member on […]

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