11 reasons why your baidu union account was banned

Publishers like baidu union.  In 2009, Webmasters had earned RMB690 million from baidu union advertise on their websites. And recently, Baidu promised to give publishers 10% to 15% more income of baidu union advertising. Publishers hate baidu union. Compared with other content networks, such as google adsense, taobao Union, tencent soso union, baidu union is […]

Baidu Union gives more commission to webmasters

Internet analysts have predicted that Baidu will eat up google.cn market share after its main competitor withdrew from mainland China market and moved their office to Hongkong. Baidu has been considered mean and arrogant among webmaster community: baidu set a high threshold for publisher; the commission from baidu union is much less than other content […]

Baidu Union Promotion launched

Leading Chinese search engine Baidu officially introduce their content network – Baidu Union Promotion, a program similar to Google Adsense. Over 300 thousand Chinese websites have joined Baidu Union, including famous websites like Xinhua.net, Fenghuang.com, youku.com, zol.com.cn. Shen Haoyu, vice president of Baidu said: The combination of Baidu Union Promotion and Baidu bidding program will […]