50 Authors Sued Baidu

As China’s native search engine giant, Baidu was lately pushed to the teeth of the storm again because of the “suspected piracy of Baidu Wenku”. “Baidu has summited its reform plan to the Department of Copyright Administration (DCA). Right now, the Beijing Municipal Copyright Bureau (BMCB) is entrusted to do the further investigation. The DCA […]

11 reasons why your baidu union account was banned

Publishers like baidu union.  In 2009, Webmasters had earned RMB690 million from baidu union advertise on their websites. And recently, Baidu promised to give publishers 10% to 15% more income of baidu union advertising. Publishers hate baidu union. Compared with other content networks, such as google adsense, taobao Union, tencent soso union, baidu union is […]

Baidu Union gives more commission to webmasters

Internet analysts have predicted that Baidu will eat up google.cn market share after its main competitor withdrew from mainland China market and moved their office to Hongkong. Baidu has been considered mean and arrogant among webmaster community: baidu set a high threshold for publisher; the commission from baidu union is much less than other content […]

How to set up Baidu PPC account?

We have given our pros and cons of Baidu professional edition and classical edition in China PPC campaign guide part 1, in this article, we will walk you through the whole process of setting up ad groups on baidu.com. Setting up account on Baidu PPC platform Baidu Phoenix Nest is very much like google adwords, […]

Baidu Phoenix Nest replace Baidu Classic on December 2009

Baidu.com Inc announced today that their Baidu professional edition(Baidu Phoenix program) will officially take over Baidu Classic edition(Baidu bidding rank) since Dec 1st 2009. The instant success of Baidu Phoenix Nest program gives Baidu management team the confidence to speed up the transition from Baidu Classic to Baidu Phoenix Nest. Baidu Phoenix is welcomed by […]

Baidu Bidding Rank vs Baidu Pheonix Nest

In 2009, Baidu introduces new PPC program – Baidu Pheonix, with a aim to replace Baidu Bidding Rank. The old pay per click program of Baidu has been criticized both by the internet users and industry experts for selling organic search results to advertiser. We have been launching PPC campaigns on Baidu, Google China, Alibaba […]

Baidu advanced search command

Baidu advanced search commands are just like yahoo and google search operators. Most of the search commands of these search engine are the same, but Baidu has some special advanced queries that other search engine don’t have. In this article, we will introduce basic Baidu advance operators that online marketer and researcher must know. Baidu […]