China Tourism Market Report

1. Current Status of Tourism Market Maintaining an annual growth rate of 7%, the tourism in China has already become a new sector of economic growth. It has promoted the development of related industries, society and economy and has already become one of China’s pillar industries. Tourism industry in China consist mainly of hotel industry, […]

China Automobile Market Report

1. General Introduction to China’s Automobile Market Since 2002, the Chinese automobile industry has begun to show a momentum of explosive growth, especially with the rise of private consumption, the demand on automobiles rose rapidly, becoming a major force promoting the development of Chinese automobile industry. at the same time, China’s position in the global […]

China Beverage Market Report

 1. China Beverage Industry: Course of Development Survey found that China’s beverage industry has generally gone through four stages: The first stage is from 1979-1995, in these 17 years the beverage market was dominated by carbonated beverages like Coca-Cola and Pepsi. The second stage is from 1996-2000. This 5-year-period was marked by the victory of […]

China Luxury Market Report

In recent years, luxury consumption in China has been enjoying a rapid increase. The aim of this paper is to make an in-depth analysis of the consumption features on luxury market in China, and then, based on these analyses, to come up with some ideas that will shed lights on the marketing activities for luxury […]

China third party payment market report Part 3 – online bank transfer

No. 3 Online Bank transfer(E-banking) 1. Brief Introduction Considering the nature and purpose of this research, we put our focus on online bank transfer. Bank transfer including online bank transfer(E-banking) and offline bank transfer. Bank transfer is the primary payment option in China, strictly speaking, offline bank transfer is the primary payment methods companies and […]

China online dating market report part 2 – top 10 Chinese online dating websites

Major China online dating websites/companies Shijijiayuan( Shijijiayuan was founded in 2003, within 5 years, now it has become the biggest China online dating website. Shijijiayuan has raised 200 million RMB venture capital, and it is planning to get their company listed in Nasdaq within 3 years. Shijijiayuan is aggresive in online marketing, they spent more […]