Brief introduction On June 5, 2006, icson.com formally opened for operation with a registered capital of 500.000 and an actual investment of 400,000, plus the continuous input of additional capital and short-term liquidity loans, the total investment in Icson amounts to 1.7 million yuan. Icson focuses itself on 3C industry and as an outstanding figure […]

Joyo Amazon(Amazon China)

Brief introduction JoyoAmazon.cn is one of China’s B2C e-commerce website. Formerly known as Joyo, the company became one of Amazon’s subsidiaries after it was acquired by Amazon. It mainly engaged in selling books, audios, software, film and videos. Founded in 2000, Joyo dedicated itself to provide customers with a wide variety of books, videoa, software, […]

tudou.com inc(土豆网)profile

Tudou.com Inc   Brief introduction Tudou.com is the leading video sharing websites in China, along with youku.com, video.sina.com. Founded on April 15th, 2005, Tudou.com experienced a explosive year by year growth in term of users number, video number. By August 2010, Tudou.com has raised 135 million USD from VC firms such as 凯欣亚洲(Crescent Point),IDG中国(IDG China),纪源资本(GGV […]

Sohu BLog

Brief introduction: Sohu Blog is one of the leading blog service in China. Out of huge user numbers, Sohu has a large blogging user base(more than 10 million) who blog frequently on sohu blog. Unlike Sina’s celebrity blog strategy, Sohu label themselves as “grass root blog”, “web2.0 blog”. Url: blog.sohu.com Company: Sohu.com Inc Private or […]


Bokee.com was found in 2002, the previous name of bokee.com is blogchina.com. In 2003, bokee.com has become the Top blog site globally. With features of blog community, mobile blog, picture blog, video blog and podcast, bokee.com are extremely popular among bloggers. Url: www.bokee.com Company: Bokee.com Private or public: Private Address: Room 1105 Changyuan Tiandi building […]


Brief introduction Zol.com is the leading IT portal website in China, with 5 million+ registered users, 6 million+ daily unique visits, 41 million daily page views, as they put it, “ZOL.com is affecting the decision-making of 6 million IT buyers everyday”. Zol.com mainly provide information, news, ecommerce platform, resources, interview, blogs, forums and community about […]

Sohu.com Inc

Brief introduction Sohu.com Inc. (NASDAQ: SOHU) is China’s premier online brand and indispensable to the daily life of millions of Chinese, providing a network of web properties and community based/web 2.0 products which offer the vast Sohu user community a broad array of choices regarding information, entertainment and communication. Sohu has built one of the […]

SINA corporation

Brief introduction SINA is an online media company and Mobile Value Added Service provider in the People’s Republic of China and the global Chinese communities. With a branded network of localized websites targeting Greater China and overseas Chinese, the Company provides services through five major business lines including SINA.com (online news and content), SINA Mobile […]


Brief introduction ChinaRen.com was founded in 1999 by three Stanford classmates, Joseph Chen, Yunfan Zhou and Nick Yang. Investors in ChinaRen.com include Goldman Sachs, KKR and Joho Capital. ChinaRen is the largest online alumni club in China with over 77 million registered users. As in other Asian societies, Chinese people hold strong ties of friendship […]


Brief introduction Kaixinwang (Kaixin001) is a China-based, Facebook-clone social networking site. Since launching in 2008, Kaixin001 has achieved instant success, in 2009, Kaixin001 registered users has reached 40 million, the traffic rank of Kaixin001 on alexa and chinarank are among top 2 of all social networking site in China. Url: kaixin001.com Company: Kaixin001 Private or […]

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