China third party payment market report part 5 – China mobile payment

No. 5 China Mobile payment 1. Brief introduction Chinese mobile users has reached 641 million in 2008, it is expected to reach 1 billion in 2013.  Mobile users are used to making small amount of payment on their mobile phone. Generally there are 2 popular ways to make payment on mobile: Sending text message and […]

China third party payment market report Part 4 – Credit card payment

No. 4 Credit card payment 1. Brief introduction Credit card payment mainly include offline payment(POS terminals, ATM) and online payment. According to the purpose and nature of this research, we will focus on online credit card payment market analysis. According to a report by a famous consulting firm, until 2008, about 150 million credit card […]

China third party payment market report Part 3 – online bank transfer

No. 3 Online Bank transfer(E-banking) 1. Brief Introduction Considering the nature and purpose of this research, we put our focus on online bank transfer. Bank transfer including online bank transfer(E-banking) and offline bank transfer. Bank transfer is the primary payment option in China, strictly speaking, offline bank transfer is the primary payment methods companies and […]

China third party payment market report Part 1 – Alipay

No. 1 Alipay Url: 1. Brief introduction: Co.,Ltd (AliPay) is China’s leading online payment service by both number of users and total transaction volume. A member of the Alibaba Group, it enables individuals and businesses to securely, easily and quickly send and receive payments online. AliPay works like an escrow service, solving the […]

China online and offline payment strategy

Offline bank transfer is still the primary payment option in China. But people gradually get used to online payment, mobile payment and telephone payment. For online payment, we will mainly discuss E-banking, online third party payment and online credit card payment. For offline payment, other than offline bank transfer, we will look at mobile payment […]

Alipay become the world’s largest online third party payment platform

The leading China online third party payment service provider Alipay has released a report saying that Alipay users number has reached 200 million, which means Alipay has become the world’s largest third party payment platform. According to China third party payment market analysis report by ANALYSYS(易观国际),Alipay user number has reached 100 million at the end […]