Ultimate Chinese keyword research guide : pros and cons

Online marketers need to build their website based on keywords structure, especially for search engine marketers. In that sense, keyword research plays a very important role to your online marketing campaign, if not decisive. When communicating with many clients(even the clients are professionals in online marketing industry), we found many of them don’t realize the […]

Chinese keyword research: lost in translation

What keyword research to an online marketing campaign is like what compass to a traveler, a tiny mistake could send you to the wrong direction. At the beginning of my online marketing career, I have worked for weeks and months to create articles of wrong keywords, promote the article, try to achieve high ranking, but […]

Chinese keyword research tool

Keywords research is very important for online marketing. Proper keyword research can let us know which keyword we should make efforts to optimize and rank well, which keyword we should set a higher bid price for PPC campaign. For English language, we use established keyword research tools like wordtracker, Google keyword suggestion tool, and keyword […]