Practical guide on how to verify chinese company

Thanks to ecommerce, companies in US are able to sell products/service to China, a country you have not yet visited, you don’t speak the language, you are not aware if the legal systems are similar, you don’t know and don’t have the resource to know if the counterpart Chinese companies are real. So we face […]

How to set up Alibaba trustpass(Chengxintong) account

Alibaba is arguably the best Chinese online B2B trade portal, I would say that it is the only Chinese trade platform that worth your investment of a few thousand membership fee. I have predicted that the pay per click bidding price will soon exceed 10RMB/click, which has come true. I have basically explained the algorithm […]

9 FAQ to learn how to use Alipay

Alipay is the leading online payment company in China with over 300 million registered users. To do business in China(especially for online business), Alipay is one of the most popular payment options among buyers. So as a foreign company or individual, you need to learn how to use Alipay before you enter the market. Q: […]