China online dating market report part 3 – the trends

Key trends of China online dating market a. Overseas venture capital show great interests in China online dating market During 2003 to 2006, 16 Chinese friend-making and online dating websites have raised capital amounted 93 million USD(according to information disclosed, we believe the actual investment is more than that). Major online dating companies in China […]

China online dating market report part 2 – top 10 Chinese online dating websites

Major China online dating websites/companies Shijijiayuan( Shijijiayuan was founded in 2003, within 5 years, now it has become the biggest China online dating website. Shijijiayuan has raised 200 million RMB venture capital, and it is planning to get their company listed in Nasdaq within 3 years. Shijijiayuan is aggresive in online marketing, they spent more […]