Chinese keyword research tool

Keywords research is very important for online marketing. Proper keyword research can let us know which keyword we should make efforts to optimize and rank well, which keyword we should set a higher bid price for PPC campaign. For English language, we use established keyword research tools like wordtracker, Google keyword suggestion tool, and keyword […]

Alibaba PPC campaign guide: How to win the bidding war

As the first few advertisers that have been playing with Alibaba PPC(It is named Alibaba Wangxiaobao or 网销宝 in Chinese) since Alibaba PPC is introduced in March 2009, I have predicted that with companies getting familiar with the bidding system, the bid price will rapidly reach 10RMB/click. However, things are developing much faster than what […]

Alibaba PPC campaign evaluation

Alibaba launched their bidding service on March 1st, 2009. Paid members on Alibaba China can bid for top 5 and last 2 spots of each search page. Must give Alibaba high credit for introduction this program, which is very pioneering, I guess many other B2B sites will follow this move. As a paid member on […]

Alibaba launch PPC advertising program to Alibaba members

Alibaba has developed a PPC(pay per click) advertising program, similar with google adwords. Alibaba PPC program was launched in March 2009. Since it is newly launched, sellers are not familiar with the advertising program at the moment, but more and more sellers are prepared to have a try of the bidding program, which is very […]